Beating the winter blues!

A few days ago it was the shortest day of the year – the height of winter!

And it has been cold – enough to make you feel cold and uninspired. The Goodness in a Box team has put together a quick list to help you to get that spring back in to your step:

  1. Don’t press the snooze button – yes, I know it’s nice and warm in bed, but oversleeping will leave you feeling more tired, so get moving!
  2. Dress for the season – you can’t be happy if you’re feeling the cold – put on those layers; treat yourself to some colourful gloves, a new beanie and a soft scarf.
  3. A good workout will leave you warm and feeling good about yourself, so don’t use the cold weather as an excuse!
  4. Get those warm soft blankets out and wrap yourself up at night.
  5. If you have a fireplace, nothing says cosy as much as a crackling fire and a nice glass of wine.
  6. You’ll be spending more time indoors, so why not indulge in candles, flowers and essential oil burners to make your home feel special.
  7. This is the time for warm, comfort food – have a curry evening with friends to warm things up.
  8. Hot chocolate is the perfect winter drink. Stock up on your favourite teas and coffees to help you thaw out!
  9. It’s the perfect weather to do nothing at all – stay inside, read that book, watch that movie!
  10. Cheer yourself up with happy thoughts – Remember that spring will be back and with that those nice warm summery days.

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